The typical Hilton Hawaiian Village Hotel review you’ll find online is usually full of praise with no caveats at all. It’s all “pros” and no “cons”.  Pretty much every guest who comes here is a repeat guest. The hotel is that good.

Here are the main reasons why people keep coming back to Hilton Hawaiian Village Hotel:

  • A room with a view. The first thing you need to do when you get a reservation is to request a room on the highest floors with an ocean view. All the rooms are excellent as they’re all clean and spacious with comfy beds, but the full ocean view is something else entirely. When your vacation days start with a spectacular view of the ocean when you walk into your balcony, and in the evening you get a view of the magnificent sunset, your days are somehow complete.
  • Excellent staff. If you’re lucky, then your regular room may have already been upgraded to a room with a full ocean view. But even if you don’t get those highly coveted rooms, you’ll still be a happy camper mostly because of the wonderful staff in his hotel.

The housekeeping staff are very conscientious and organized. Everything in your room will be arranged neatly every day, including various phone chargers, toiletries, and shoes.

People at the front desks are helpful and informative. Rent a Jeep and you can take advantage of their recommendations so you can visit the best spots nearby.

  • Fine amenities. Here you have a “superpool” where everyone congregates. It’s very lively and fun. But each tower in the village has its own pool so you won’t have to go with crowds if you want something quieter.

There’s also the beach, of course, as well as the lagoon where the vibe is much more mellow. You also have small manmade ponds where you can find fish and other animals too.

You can start your morning by grabbing coffee in Starbucks at the lobby or spending an hour at the gym, and there are plenty of restaurants around the hotel if you take some time to explore. They’re not in plain sight, so you don’t feel like you’re inside a mall. Some of the restaurants and bars are absolute gems, with live music to boot.

But it does offer the convenience of malls. You also have lots of shops and stores to visit if you’re in the mood for a shopping spree. You can just walk around and explore, as the streets are all well-lit and something’s always happening everywhere. It’s absolutely safe.

  • Quiet location. Sometimes a vacation can be rather aggravating, and that’s especially true if you have to deal with crowds on a constant basis. Fortunately, this place is a bit farther away from the usual Waikiki hullabaloo. So it’s more relaxing. But you can just visit those busy places anytime.
  • The beach is fantastic. The resort is very close to the beach. On Fridays you can also check out the fireworks by the beach from your balcony.

These are just some of the reasons why the typical Hilton Hawaiian Village Hotel review raves about it. Why don’t you book a room and find out for yourself why everyone only has good things to say about this hotel.