There’s no doubt that Hawaii is a top tourist destination. But there are many spots and locations to choose from. Where should you go? For the discerning traveler, Ko Olina Hawaii is fast becoming a favorite choice.

Ko Olina is also a great place to stay as it has Oahu vacation rentals by owner, vacation rentals by companies, and hotels including Disney’s Aulani Resort!

Let’s examine the many good reasons why you ought to head on down to Ko Olina Hawaii:

1) It’s quiet and peaceful. It’s a bit out of the way, so you don’t get to endure huge crowds for most of the spots in Ko Olina. You also enjoy avoiding the traffic that always comes up in the more congested spots.

For the most part, the crowds will be concentrated on just a few of the select resorts. There’s the Disney Aulani Resort here, and obviously, that will mean lots of kids. 

2) You have places for every age range. We’ve already mentioned the Disney Resort, but there are lots of places that adults will enjoy. From toddlers to seniors, nobody ever gets bored here.

3) Excellent golf. Seniors, for example, can enjoy the local golf course. This Ko Olina golf course has won awards for its design, so it’s terrific.

4) Water activities are everywhere. It’s Hawaii, so what did you expect? But here you have lots of cruises you can choose from. You can get to see whales, dolphins, turtles, and other marine specimens up close. It’s even possible to go underwater to really get some good views and especially great shots.

5) You can hang out in Ko Olina’s signature lagoons. These are cool locations that are simply beautiful, and you can walk there and enjoy the scenery. There aren’t lots of people either. Biking is also a favorite pastime here.

6) The sky is the limit. At night, lots of people (especially romantic couples) like to gaze at the stars. It’s just simply awesome to see all those stars that the pollution in your home city has denied you.

But you don’t just have to stare at the sky. You can go there too. You can experience one of the air tours here and fly all over the place.

7) Polynesian shows are terrific. You may think that they’re not really exciting since you’ve seen lots of these shows on TV and in movies. But seeing them live and in person is a different matter. The shows are absolutely fabulous.

8) You can shop too. Ko Olina has lots of luxury shops as well as specialty bazaars to satisfy your purchasing preferences. If they’re not enough and you want more shops, you can just go to Honolulu. That’s just 17 miles away from Ko Olina.

9) Relax in spas. Shopping, swimming, biking—they’re all so tiring! But if it is relaxation you want, the spas here are the key. You can choose among a wide range of therapeutic options to get your mind and body back to their proper balance.

10) Food. Lots of fondue blogs have been mentioning KO Olina lately, so check out what has them so excited. Here there are about 28 lounges and restaurants for you to visit.

As you can see, Ko Olina Hawaii is a quiet place, but it sure isn’t boring. There’s a difference, and here you can see precisely how a quiet place can be both relaxing and exciting.